The AUST Journal of Science and Technology [Volume-4 Issue-2]





Naznin Akther


A Classical "Customers' Perception of Service Quality: A Study on Some Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh"





  Sayka Banu    

Optimum Angle of Performance of Different Low Cost Adsorbents in Removal of color from Textile Dyeing Wastewater





  Liana Anwar, Md Nazmus Shakib    

Effective 60 Seconds: A Study on the Effectiveness of Advertisements in Telecom & Beverage Sectors in Bangladesh





  M. M. Islam, M. A. Chowdhury, A. Z. Mustafiz, M. K. Uddin P. Mondal, A. Siddique    

Experimental Investigation of the Compressive, Tensile and the Flexural Capacity of Beams made of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)





  Naznin Sultana Chaity; Sanjida Sharmin; Md. Anisul Islam Sajib    

Externalities to Stock Price Movement: From Investors' Perspective of Secondary Market of Bangladesh






Mohammad Tawhidul Alam, Al-Amin, Abdullah Al-Mahmood, Bijoy Saha, Md. Nazmus Sakib and Nazim Uddin Tuhin


Optimal Peak Shaving Operation of Hydroelectric Power Station in Bangladesh and its Impact on the Reduction of Severe Load Shedding