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Undergraduate program is accredited by professional bodies such as UGC, IEB (The Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh), IAE, BUET etc. The department of  EEE (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) is nationally and internationally recognized by its contribution to different fields of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. The graduates of this department have gone on to a variety of positions in industry  such as Siemens Bangladesh, Ericsson, Grameen Phone, Aktel, Banglalink, Government services, PGCB GETCO etc. Many students of EEE department successfully transferred credit to many renowned American & Australian Universities. At present some graduates of  EEE department are doing their postgraduate degrees in Canada, Germany, UK, US & Australia.

At present there are 29 full time teachers of the department together with a few part time teachers. Part time teachers are mostly the senior teachers of BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology)

 The Electrical & Electronic Engineering program is interdisciplinary. It requires a blend of knowledge from the areas of Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, and Telecommunication Engineering. Students in Electrical Engineering are given an opportunity to learn and extend their abilities to analyze and solve complex problems and to design new uses of technology to serve today’s society. This engineering program provides an integrated educational experience directed toward the development of the ability to apply pertinent knowledge to the identification and solution of practical problems in electrical, electronic and telecommunications engineering. This program also insures that the design experience is developed and integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to advanced work and includes both analytical and experimental studies.

The department has already developed its own laboratories in such areas as Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Electrical Machines, Telecommunication, Control Systems, Switchgear and Protection, Power Systems, Microwaves, Microprocessors, Digital Electronics ,VLSI & DSP. 

Example of Recent Undergraduate Projects:


·          Performance Analysis of a wireless communication link with turbo coding technique to reduce bit error rate (BER) for 4G mobile. [Accepted for BUET archive]

·          Developing A microcontroller based multi channel Remote controlled regulation system       [ Tech republic accepted as a solution for  the asynchronous communication for WCDMA ]

·          Development of an Algorithm for fault Analysis By Bus Impedance Method

·          Performance Analysis of a wireless CDMA transmission link over Rayleigh Fading Channel.

·          Analysis of noise of fiber Amplifier in the fiber optic communication system.

·          Analysis of coupled transmission line by finite element method.


·          Development of  a Microcontroller Based 3-phase AC induction Motor controller using Pulse Width Modulation

·          Radio Network Planning and optimization for WCDMA

·          Analysis of optical amplifier noise for ASK-DD technique in fiber optic communication system


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