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The department of Computer Science and Engineering, abbreviated CSE, is offering an undergraduate engineering degree program since the establishment of the university in the year 1995 with a view to offer quality higher education to numerous worthy young fellows as well as to meet the huge demand of highly qualified specialists in the field. The program follows an intensive course curriculum containing well-organized courses on basic sciences, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering, management and humanities. Of course, computer science and engineering courses are most emphasized and constitute the bulk of the program (about 70%).


Usual intake of students in the department is twice in an academic year. Students graduated from this department are employed in different prestigious institutions and organizations home and abroad. Some of them have already completed, and some are getting admitted every year to postgraduate studies at well reputed universities all over the world. Also a number of students of the department have taken transfer to foreign universities.

The department has a good number of full-time faculty members with best available exposure to ever-growing horizon of computer science and engineering. Besides, a number of part-time faculties also teach in each semester from other universities, research organizations and industrial establishments for extending experience-rich education.

The department organizes various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to develop important social and professional faculties in the students. Most common co-curricular activity is the programming contest, which has become regular by this time. And the most common extra-curricular activities are reception parties for welcoming the newly entered students and for biding farewell to the outgoing students. The Literary and Debating Club comprising teachers and students organizes various competitions that uphold its objectives, and occasionally publishes journals and souvenirs.

The department has already developed its own laboratories which include six computer labs and one digital electronics lab equipped with modern personal computers and electronic devices. There is a server center equipped with various PC-server systems for providing network facilities to the labs. The department provides email and internet facilities to teachers and students. 

The department also runs a local academy program of the CISCO networking

academy for the students of the university as well as for outsiders with a

special attention towards female participation.


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