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In pursuance of the decision of the emergency meeting of the Heads of the Department/School/ Office held on 11 December 2018, the Academic Calendar for Fall-2018 Semester has been finalized as follows considering 5-day week from Sunday to Thursday:



Orientation, Classes and other relevant academic events

Orientation & Reception for Freshers only: 02-01-2019 (Wednesday)

All Classes: From 03-01-2019 (Thursday) to 20-02-2019 (Wednesday)

Midterm break:  From 21-02-2019 (Thursday) to 02-03-2019 (Saturday)

All Classes: From 03-03-2019 (Sunday) to 18-04-2019 (Thursday)

Farewell for outgoing students only: 18-04-2019 (Thursday)

Preparatory Leave

From  19-04-2019 (Friday) to 04-05-2019 (Saturday)

Semester Final Examinations

From   05-05-2019 (Sunday) to 23-05-2019 (Thursday)

Publication of Result and

Eid-ul-Fitr vacation

From   26-05-2019 (Sunday) to 13-06-2019 (Thursday)

Clearance/Improvement/ Carryover Examinations and its Result

From   16-06-2019 (Sunday) to 30-06-2019 (Sunday)


Tentative date of orientation and starting class for Spring- 2019 Semester

Orientation and Reception

01-07-2019 (Monday)


02-07-2019 (Tuesday)



N.B: The University authority reserves the right to re-fix the above dates, if needed.

Academic Calendar for Masters Program will be declared by the concerned departments.

Heads of the Department/School are requested to implement the above schedule and monitor it strictly.


All the theoretical/sessional/studio classes, quizzes, class assessment, etc. should be completed by 11.04.2019 and the remaining days upto 18-04-2019 be used for revision.


The responsibility of completing the courses as per above schedule lies entirely with the respective teacher and the concerned Head of the Department/School. The teachers are, therefore, requested to prepare lesson plans for their course at the very beginning of the semester and distribute it among the students with copies to the concerned Head of the Department/School and the Registrar for record.


Classes will be held as per schedule displayed in the Notice Boards.

* All the students, teachers, officers and staff of AUST are required to carry their University ID Card for security purpose in the campus

By Order of the Authority,



(Muhammad Abdul Gafur)





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  Academic Calendar - Fall 2018  




Classes and other relevant events

All Classes: From 08-01-2019 (Tuesday)  to  20-02-2019 (Wednesday) 

Semester  break: From 21-02-2019 (Thursday) to 04-03-2019 (Monday)  

All Classes: From 05-03-2019 (Tuesday) to 27-04-2019 (Saturday)

Preparatory Leave:

From:  28-04-2019 (Sunday) to 06-05-2019 (Monday)

Semester Final Examination

From:  07-05-2019 (Tuesday) to 22-05-2019 (Wednesday)

Improvement Examination

From: 25-05-2019 (Saturday) to 28-05-2019 (Tuesday)

Internship Viva

30-05-2019 (Thursday)

Eid-ul-Fitr Vacation and Publication of Results

From: 31-05-2019 (Thursday) to 17-06-2019 (Monday)

Tentative date of Course Advising and Starting Class for Spring- 2019 Semester.

Course Advising

18-06-2019 (Tuesday) to 25-06-2019 (Tuesday)


02-07-2019 (Tuesday)

All the classes, quizzes, class assessment, presentations etc. must be completed by 27-04-2019. The responsibility of completing the courses as per above schedule lies entirely with the respective teachers. The class schedule will be as follows: 




Tuesday to Thursday

6.00 PM to 9.00 PM


3.00 PM to 6.00 PM &

6.00 PM to 9.00 PM


6.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Sunday & Monday

Off - day

All the students, teachers, officers and staff of AUST are advised to carry their University ID Cards for security purposes in the Campus.


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